February 5, 2010

Birthday, Family, & Independence

First of all a belated happy birthday to my favorite, Matt. (: I am so thankful for my husband. I could not ask for a better man by my side.

We have been pretty busy with our family in the last few weeks. We were able to see a few of our Indiana nephews play high school basketball and stay the weekend with them. (Thanks for the great hospitality Michael & Becky!) The following weekend we celebrated Matt's birthday. This weekend we are living with my other brothers children for five days. I have come to the conclusion that it would be very difficult to have a family that spans 13 years. Toddlers and teenagers are a hard mix. (:

Thirdly, is Whitney's independence. Whitney started going to the Conductive Leaning Center on her own this week! That means I drop off my little two year old for three hours three times a week. She is doing a great job overall. Thankfully, she knows the place and the people well and we started transitioning her in January. The first day I think she was just excited to be there that she did not cry when I left. My dear new friend, Rachel, took Fiona & I out to distract me. She did such a good job that we lost track of time and were five minutes late picking her up! The second day I left the room and heard Whitney crying, "mommy, mommy". I have to tell you that I did pace the hall until she settled down. I just had to know she was okay. Then I went home with Fiona and went on a cleaning frenzy to distract myself.

We begin again on Monday followed by my favorite spina bifida moms for coffee!

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Aww...leaving Whitney like that has to be tough. Hang in there, "mom"!