February 24, 2010

Pictures and news

Whitney was on the news this morning! WOOD TV8 did a special for Conductive Education Awareness Day tomorrow. Click here to watch the short news clip.

I love to stand.

"Baby, walk, walk"

First snowman

My birthday is SO exciting!

Here is my Amtryke (a hand crank tricycle)


Cassie said...

She's so cute! Those trykes are the best, Caleb loves his.

Melissa said...

Wow! What wonderful pictures of my beautiful nieces! Congratulations Whitney on now being famous! LOL So glad to hear that you and Fiona are doing so well and having so much fun! I love the smile on her face, when she is in her stander!

Love to you all,
Aunt Melissa

ErinM said...

What a great video! That Conductive Learning Center sounds fantastic. The picture of Whitney they showed was so adorable! I love the other pictures you posted, too.... The picture of her standing is so cool! And that Amtryke could not be more awesome-- the design is perfect. But I think my favorite picture is the one of Fiona and Whitney with the snowman-- cute cute cute!!! I love that Whitney is now wearing that awesome hat with the tassles. Love it!!! I have to get one for Sonia.... :)

AMIT said...
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