May 14, 2009

Conductive Learning Center

We are glad to report that we were able to go to therapy this week at the Conductive Learning Center (CLC). Whitney and I were both overwhelmed by the possibilities of what we can now work on to achieve. I think we both were shocked by the thought of moving since she has not been able to move for 9 months. This is new and exciting ground we are treading on. I could feel Whitney's heart racing as we worked on all of our new 'tricks'. She did a very good job and I think she will get more comfortable as I add them to her daily routine.

Here is an idea of what we are currently working on:

-Sitting up independently from laying on her back.
-Sitting on her hands and knees for a period of time. (This is one of the things she is anxious about doing.)
-Strengthening her back muscles.
-Sitting with her back straight on a bench stool with her feet flat on the ground with and without shoes while reaching for -toys on a desk of sorts.
-Standing in her new shoes (AFO's) while holding on to a bar to balance herself. (another source of anxiety)

Yes, you read that right, standing! She looked so old to me. It was a very exciting and exhausting morning. We were able to get another appointment to go there next Thursday as well. We are learning to hold our plans loosely but the current plan is to go to CLC a few more times this month and in July. Our next step would be to join a parent and child session in September and then possibly every morning, 5 days a week, beginning in January when she turns 2. We have not figured out all of the details but I am sure they will fall into place as time goes on.

Needless to say we have had an encouraging week. Thanks for checking up on us.


Becky said...

WOW that is SO AMAZING and I'm sure a real encouragement. I can't wait to see her amazing "new tricks" in nursery. God sure can do amazing things. We will continue to pray that doors will open up and that you will see steady progress with Whitney. Hang in there as it sounds like it will be a fun & exciting ride:) Love- VJ & Becky Verduin & family

Anonymous said...

How very encouraging your week was! Thanking and Praising God with you and looking forward to more updates! :-)

Amy Genn said...

I just found your blog doing a google search on CLC in Michigan!
I am interested in learning more about it.
My son has CP and is very disabled...we are desperate to get some intense therapy as he is in a really great growth/learning spurt right now.
We've had lots of health issues.....and haven't been able to do anything like this sooner unfortunately. He'll be 4 this we want to go this year.
I'd appreciate any info you can offer. :)