September 9, 2008

Sensitive Skin

Yesterday as I gave Whitney her daily inspection and bath I noticed she had a rash under her cast on her back. The rash is on the left of her back and all over her scar from her first surgery to repair her spinal cord. When I called the doctor yesterday she wanted us in early this morning. We received some cream which seems to be helping a bit. She said that if it does not clear up soon then we would have to remove the cast to prevent further breakdown of her skin. Please pray with us that her skin will heal quickly and that God will protect it from future infection.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nelsons!
So sorry to hear about Whitney's back! Ouch! Poor girl! I hope it clears up really soon! I just wanted you to know that I'd be happy to bring a meal or help out in any way possible right now, I've contacted the contact person from church and was told it's all under control~ but just in case, I'd love to drop off a meal or anything you may need! So if you get in a stretch, please let me know okay? (...I also remember plenty of nights during my bedrest that although we'd had 2 meals picked up on Sundays, we were out of ideas for the rest of the week..)I hope all is going as well as it can~ I'm sure it's quite a struggle and really busy right now! I remember my bedrest days when you came and helped us and I'd love to return the favors sometime ;) Praying for you daily!
The Wiese Family

The Wolters' said...

We will be praying and letting our prayer team know.

kyle and steph said...

Hello Matt and Susan,

I stumbled across your blog when I typed in "shunt" in google. My daughter Suzie was born 12 weeks early and had a brain hemorrhage en utero which caused hydrocephalus. She just had her shunt surgery on Monday. I was encouraged to hear how your little Whitney is doing with her shunt! I was also encouraged by your humilty shown in your writings. You are believers, right? Well, if you have a moment to share your thoughts and any advice on the shunt, our blog is Your little Whitney is just beautiful and I praise God that she is doing well. Thank you for your testimony!

Stephanie Sanderson

Cathy said...

Susan, I'm Suzie Sanderson's grandma and as Steph already told you, we voraciously read your entire blog and your faith has been an amazing inspiration to us.

You mentioned a certain kind of pillow that helps with the shape of the head for a baby with hydrocephalus. Is there a special name for this pillow and where can we get one? Thanks for your time.

You'll remain in our prayers. Keep your eyes on Him!
Cathy,Suzie's Nema

Anonymous said...

Hi Nelsons,

I heard about Whitney's infection! How horrible! I hope it heals quickly and she returns home soon. Praying for all of you!