September 30, 2008

1 More Week

One week from today we find out how the cast has been working. We will either leave the doctor's office with a cast or a brace. Please pray that we will not have to put on another cast and that Whitney's hip will heal in the correct location.

We saw the eye doctor for the first time yesterday. They were concerned about her optic nerve and this was more of a precautionary visit. Her hydrocephalus put pressure on her eyes before her shunt was placed. Thankfully her optic nerves look normal and are developing well. She is a little near sighted which is common for her age and should go away by the time she is ten. The doctor did a wonderful job and Whitney was only slightly uncomfortable when they dilated her eyes.


Anonymous said...

Praying that the cast has worked and she won't need to do another one! Glad the eye doctor visit went well. Praying for you all daily!


The Wolters' said...

Okay, we will continue to pray.

kyle and steph said...

Hello again Matt and Susan,

Thank you so much for the info about the pillow you used for Whitney. if it isn't too much trouble, would you mind emailing me a picture of the pillow you guys made for Whitney? We are trying to make one for Suzie and thought it might help to see what worked for you. If you can't get back to me for a while it's no problem:) My email is

thanks so much and I hope you all are doing well!

Stephanie Sanderson