January 19, 2008


We received a phone call yesterday around noon telling us the Whitney would be discharged. Once we got over our surprise we began to get excited. We had meetings all afternoon with what to expect with her overall care and specifically for her shunt. Thankfully, Thursday the physical therapist placed a piece of foam in her car seat with a hole cut out of it to relieve the pressure on her back. We packed up all of her things, put her in the car seat and headed home. We are also thankful we live close to the hospital as Whitney should not be on her back for more than 20 minutes at a time and only if necessary.

Last night was a bit rocky as Whitney was missing her noisy neighbors and favorite nurses but today was better. All four of us continue to adjust but I am sure it will get easier day by day.


Anonymous said...

Matt and Susan .... YIPEE and YAHOO! WOW...I am so happy for your family to be HOME TOGETHER! What a wonderful post that was to read. I was SHOCKED! My daughter is reading this while I am writing this post to you and said, "Oh SWEET, they are HOME?!" We have all been praying so hard for this to happen. Praise the Lord for answering prayers sooner than expected! May you continue to see His hand in each new day He gives to your family. May Whitney soon become accustomed to her "quiet" surroundings and love being at home with her family than her noisy neighbors... :-) In Christs love, Melody Timmerman

ljbrouwer said...

So excited for you all! I had no idea she would be home so soon. Praying you all adjust well.

Anonymous said...

We're so glad to hear that Whitney is home at last!! We continute to pray for smooth adjustment and rest for all of you. Love,Cindy