November 6, 2007

Doctors Appointment

Yesterday I had my first appointment since being home from Philadelphia. I had 2 ultrasounds since after the first one the power went out and all of the information was lost so we started again. They reviewed the ultrasound and MRI reports from CHOP and hopefully they will be able to utilize the information.

Whitney has a head of hair already. I am very excited about this since all of the Vandersluis children are born bald. I can't wait to see what she looks like. She is currently 2 lbs and 13 oz which is in the 47th percentile for 29 weeks. We were unable to see her back again since she is still in the breach postion and looking very cozy down there. The fluid in her brain ventricles have increased a little to 17mm and 21mm. This is no suprise however we continue to pray that these numbers do not increase. The great news is that her feet are not yet clubbed. We are thankful for this and continue to await her birth watching God work in our little girls body.

My next 2 appointments will be every 2 weeks, Nov 19th and Dec 3rd. We are scheduling a c-section which is looking like it will be during the first full week of January. I can't believe that Whitney's arrival is only 9 weeks away.


Anonymous said...

Wow! 9 weeks is coming fast! It is so good to hear your updates and Praise God for His continual loving guidance for your family. How fun to get away:) Sounds like you had a really good vacation!
We're praying for a safe delivery of Whitney.

Love in Christ,
Laura Wiese

Melody said...

You are now in the single digits till you see your daughter face to face and get to hold her! That is wonderful news. I am glad to hear that she is growing at a steady pace and there were no surprises at the ultrasound. Keep on trusting in Him daily as you do, He will provide you with peace that surpasses all things.
In Christs love,
Melody Timmerman

Donna said...

Matt & Susan,
Nine weeks! Well maybe eight weeks would work out and you could have the first baby of the New Year and be on the front page of the GR Press and there would be a neat write-up on one of the most prayed-for babies of the year! I don't get the paper, but I would definitely make an exception that day! Fiona must be so excited about meeting her new best friend in a little while. It will be so cute to see them together. I pray that you will have peace and patience during this exciting time. God bless you!
Donna Hamstra

ljbrouwer said...

Hey Guys,
We are still here praying daily for you and Whitney.
Hair is so exciting (our kids were bald till they were two!) Thankful to hear there were no suprises- we are praying that once you are able to see her back in the ultrasound there will be good surprises.
Much Love,
The Brouwers

Anonymous said...

Baldness in the Vandersluis babies??? NO !!!........( Must be from the Bosch/Nelson side !! LOL)
You are an amazing little family ! Think positive and keep praising God and putting your faith and trust in Him ! Love from your relatives in the 'remote' Pacific Northwest !! UncleHarry, Aunt Kathy and family