January 7, 2010

Whitney, you are two!

Can you believe Whitney is two already? Matt and I reminisced a little this morning. We were expecting a planned c-section on the 8th and I went into labor on the morning of the 7th. What a surprise! I think she was more than 2 weeks early. I can hardly remember. I just remember having contractions and thinking, "I am not prepared for this". Labor was not an option with this pregnancy.

As I was thinking about what to share with you today I had a difficult time remembering too much about that day two years ago. I have to say that I think it is a blessing. I even went back to read the posts from that week. What an emotional time that was. A few things stand out to me. I remember that not being able to hold her was so difficult for me. I just wanted to sneak in there and snatch her up. It was also so surreal to go home and leave her there. These are both so unnatural. Here are a few pictures to help narrate her first two years.

This picture brings tears to my eyes as it helps me remember the first time I laid eyes on our dear Whitney.


Meeting Fiona

7 months old (starts wearing hip brace & still smiling)

The purple cast

I am one!

Starting to stand. 20 months old at The Conductive Learning Center.

I am two today! Today we had a fun day of celebrating. We made Christmas cookies, & went to the library. I know, I am a month late, but we finally made time for it. I am not gifted as a craft mom and it is hard for me to justify making such a mess. We enjoyed ourselves as Whitney kept saying, "mess, mess".


ErinM said...

Happy second birthday, Whitney!!! You are a happy, gorgeous little girl, and a credit to your mom, dad, and sister. I totally approve of celebrating with month-late Christmas cookies, by the way. It's never too late for Christmas cookies! I loved the look back at Whitney's first two years with all of those great pictures.... Fabulous!!!

Trinity Sue Arthur said...

Happy Birthday Whitney!! We think of you often and pray that things continue to go well for you. Her and Trinity remind me so much of eachother in looks sometimes. I didn't know that you went into labor early, I did the same thing, that is kinda weird that we both did. Thank you for sharing pictures of Whitney and Fiona.
Keep up the good work!
Trinity Arthur and Family

Leigh and Andy said...

Happy Birthday, Whitney!! I can't help but laugh thinking of her saying "mess mess" too cute! Seeing those pictures brings back my own memories as well. We all have grown SO much since our little ones have arrived. :) God really is watching over us...bringing our families together. :) Big Hugs to the birthday girl!!

Cari said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! I remember the phone call vividly and thinking to myself that it was such a surprise. She was on her own timeline. She continues to be. Whitney has such a great smile. Much love to you all!!

Melissa said...

Words cannot express how much I love you Whitney! You are such a special little girl, and I'm such a blessed Aunt to have you and Fiona in my life! I can't help but smile everytime you smile or give me that look of unconditional love! So glad that I was able to help celebrate your special day! Happy Birthday Lovey Girl...and I can't wait to celebrate many more with you! :-)

Aunt Melissa

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she is two! They grow so quickly! I LOVE LOVE the last pic! So sweet! Happy Birthday to Whitney! Thank you for posting this! :-)

Anna said...

What an amazing sweet little girl! Hope she had a very Happy 2nd Birthday. Her big smiles are contagious, such a cutie!

Amanda said...

Happy belated birthday, Whitney!!!

Kari said...

she is adorable. happy birthday!!!