January 4, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas over here. It was pretty busy but a great time with family and friends. The girls are learning life lessons about envy and sharing. Fiona received a new baby doll for Christmas. Whitney saw it and immediately started to cry and yelled, "my baby, my baby!" She is still 'stealing' it whenever Fiona is not paying close attention. We are also learning about sharing as so many of our new toys are age appropriate for both of them. Fiona received 3 small my little ponies and immediately said, "this pink one is for Whitney". Those are the proud moments. The girls are also learning how to play together and love each other. I put a lot of emphasis on this at home as I know that they will need each other in life not only to get through the play ground years but beyond as well. I pray that they will have a true love for each other.


ErinM said...

BEST POST EVER!!! Those are the cutest pictures.... Fiona and Whitney are such beautiful, happy little girls! Sharing toys is a really, really hard concept to learn.... Bravo for Fiona being such a good sharer! I know many adults that don't share as well. :)

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday, Whitney. It is hard to believe you are 2 years old today!!! We Love you and your big sister,Fiona.