November 4, 2008


We had a hip appointment this morning. Good news is that the hip is still in the socket! It is continuing to develop. We are so thankful to receive good news that her body is continuing to respond. I was reminded today as I looked at the x-ray how detailed our God is. He made our bodies in an amazing way. They are so complex. She also said that we do not need to go in for another 3 months. I can't believe it. Wonderful news.

On the flip side, for the next 3 months we are to keep the brace on at all times and continue to only remove it for a maximum of one hour a day. Therapy will need to take a back seat as her hip develops. Hopefully we are able to catch up when Whitney is able. I just have this strong desire to want the very best for her and sometimes we can't have it all. (:

Enjoy the day.


Anna said...


I'm so happy reading about Whitney's good news! Three months will go fast and our children are so, sometimes even too adjustable and strong. She'll catch up when she can, just keep the faith!

I have been reading about your journey and remembering you in my thoughts and prayers for my Elsa and all the children with sb.

Lots of greetings from Finland,
Anna (& Elsa, today 4 months old)

Becky said...

Glad to hear that Whitney's hip is holding in socket- What great news. We will pray that the brace will continue to do what it needs to do and that at her 3 month checkup the doctors will be amazed at what our AWESOME GOD can do :) Remember that God is still in control and that he can do amazing things even if it doesnt seem to fall into OUR schedule. With love & prayers- VJ& Becky Verduin & family
PS- I was so amazed already at what your adorable Whitney could do at nursery on Sunday and how content she is in her brace- PTL!!!

Peggy said...

Your dedication to recording your experience with Miss Whitney is admirable. I went back to the very beginning of the blog to get some background on your struggles and high points with this lovely little girl. Blogs truly are a blessing from heaven. People can use technology for so many good things, especially sharing the light that comes from raising special children like our daughters. May your efforts be blessed...

I am very pleased with our experience with Cranio-Sacral Therapy. My daughter has very little function below her hips. But with CST, she has more sensation and movement in her upper legs. We also do a homepathic regimen with her as well to help her bowel mobility high and toxicity levels low. I would recommend finding a practitioner through the Upledger Institute.

I am currently in the midst of revamping our blog, so I took down about a year's worth of blog posts. But I'll tell you this: We live in New England and attend the Myelo and Incontinence Clinics at Boston Children's Hospital. Our little girl, Esra, has upper L/Lower T SB, Hydro w/VP Shunt, twice corrected heart defect, high arch palate, speech delay, sleep apnea, neurogenic bowel and bladder, cathed 4x/day, wears AFO's, uses a wheelchair and dynamic stander with glee and loves to watch Signing Times and Blues Clues. We just ordered a hand-powered tricycle. We can't wait for it to come.

Thanks for inquiring. Please keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's wonderful news! Praying for Whitney to continue to do so well over the next few months and that the brace isn't annoying to her. I understand your concern about the therapy...I think that would be hard to sit on for awhile. Praying for you all daily!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop in and say Happy Thanksgiving! Praying it has been a blessed one for you and your family :) Hope all is well with you guys!


Taylor said...

This is Taylor (LaPlante) from TU-- I was on the same wing as you my Freshman year. I just saw your blog address in the current TU magazine, and wanted to check out how you are doing. I am sorry to hear that Whitney has to struggle with spina bifida, but I am glad to see that you and your family are resting and walking in the Lord throughout it all. Fiona and Whitney are beautiful-- and you are looking great too! Congratulations on having such a beautiful family. Lord bless you all!