October 30, 2008

Neurosurgeon appointment

We met with the neurosurgeon this morning and reviewed Whitney's CT scan that we had at the hospital a few weeks back. The shunt seems to be doing great. We are scheduled for a MRI for January which we will then use as a baseline for her for the future. Unfortunately she will need to be sedated for this since it will be 45 minutes in length. The CT was only 5 minutes. I do not care for sedating her but I will think of it again in the new year. Not something to worry about now.

We have started to think about beginning Whitney's alternative therapy again at the conductive learning center. We have taken a break since her hip surgery and have just been doing physical therapy. They unfortunately can do very litlle with the brace on and the brace is only allowed off one hour a day for bathing etc. We see the orthopedic doctor next week concerning her hip and in the hope that her hip is continuing to develop I will ask if we can begin to have more time with the brace off. We do not want to miss other developmental possibilities such as crawling and standing.

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Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that all went well with the shunt this morning! Thinking of you guys often.
I will be praying for the MRI(I can't imagine having to have my child sedated!) and for the orthopedic appointment that all goes well! What a long journey the Lord has placed before you all...I pray the Lord will grant you much peace and perseverance during the walk. Thanks for the update..keep them coming :)