August 6, 2008

Whitney's Hip Surgery

As Susan posted a few weeks ago, Whitney will, Lord willing, have surgery on her left hip next week Friday. I had no idea, but when babies are born, they do not really have a hip socket. The ball joint between the pelvis and the femur begins developing around six months. The ball on the head of the femur is cartilage. When the cartilage comes into contact with the growth plate on the pelvis, the cartilage begins to turn into bone (ossify), and the pelvis begins to develop around the head of the femur. Whitney's right hip is developing properly, but her left hip is not because the femur is not in contact with the pelvis (i.e. it is dislocated). The doctors hope that by cutting one of the tendons in Whitney's hip, it will relax her hip and permit the femur to come into contact with the pelvis. The doctors believe that there is about an even likelihood that the surgery will be successful.

The fact that Whitney's hip is dislocated would not be a major issue if her right hip was also dislocated. But the imbalance created by having one hip in the socket and the other dislocated hinders walking, standing and sitting. The possibility of significantly improved mobility for Whitney made this surgery worthwhile to us.

The surgery seems relatively simple compared to her shunt and back closure surgeries in January. Nonetheless, we'll be staying overnight at the hospital. Please pray that the surgery is successful--the doctors have said that they'll know within a week whether it has triggered the appropriate development of the femur and the pelvis!

After surgery, Whitney will wear a brace to stabilize her hip while the tendon heals (it will grow back together, hopefully without as much tension). We have the brace already. Apparently, it's a big deal that it's pink. Our surgeon's office had not seen one in pink before. We hope to post some pictures of Whitney wearing it (we have it already) later this week.


Anonymous said...

Dear Matt and Susan,

We will be praying without ceasing this week that all will go well with Whitney's surgery! We will be lifting you up as parents as well...that the Lord will grant you much comfort and peace as I'm sure the anxieties as a parent can be overwhelming at times. Also want to offer any help we can, if you need childcare or meals..please, PLEASE feel free to call us! Praying for you this week, and looking for updates when you can!
The Wiese Family

Baby Arthur said...

We continue to pray for Whitney and your family. We pray that the surgery is a success. It is so hard to deal with the things that we just were not prepared for. Please keep us posted on how things go. God is wrapping his arms around her and will carry her through all of this.
The Arthur's

The Romero family said...

Dear Whitney's family,

Here, thousands and thousands of miles away from you, in Northern Europe, in Finland we have been reading your blog and sharing your emotions and your journey with Whitney.

We are a Finnish-Spanish couple and we had our first child, beautiful girl Elsa, on the 5th of July 2008. When she was born, as a total surprise, they found an opening in her back which was invisible in all the ultrasounds we took during my (Anna's) "normal and easy" pregnancy. Mmc at the sacral level.

For the past six weeks of our lives we have gone through emotions from shock and sorrow to hope and happiness, with better days and those days when all that is happening seems like a bad dream. And we have just started our journey with our daughter and mmc.

Reading your experiences and thoughts has been like reading ours. We have and we are going through the same thoughts and similar operations, enjoying our wonderful daughter who seems so normal for us and fighting against our fears, praying that everything would turn out well in the end. Experiencing that we are not alone with mmc and knowing that this is something that doesn't stop our daughter to live a full and happy life makes it easier.

We pray all will go fine with Whitney''s surgery and we want to wish you all the best, strength, hope and happiness for the days to come. We can do this! We are lucky to be parents of such wonderful, special children!

The Romero family,
Ignacio, Anna and Elsa from Helsinki, Finland

Anonymous said...

Just letting you guys know we've been praying all day that Whitney's surgery is going well and that she comes out just fine! PRAYING!

The Wiese Family

Emily Vedra said...

praying for you today...

ljbrouwer said...

Hey Friends, Just wanted you to know that we've been praying for you today.
Luke and Julie

Tim Reed said...

Thanks for sharing this story to us. Your story will surely inspire people who, at this very moment, are on the same shoe. I like the way you explain things, and newbie as I am, I have no problem understanding how the whole hip surgery episode will proceed. By the way, have you heard about the Depuy ASR Recall? What's your take on this issue?