July 7, 2008

Hip News

We had our second opinion to discuss Whitney's hip on Thursday and Matt was able to join us. The visit went well as we peppered the poor lady with questions. We also had another x-ray taken as she was unable to feel the hip correctly and that was helpful to see where it is currently. We are in a crucial time frame as her hips have not yet fully developed. Her right hip is on the right on course of development however her left hip is not. They hope for a 20 some degree for each hip socket. Her right is 17 which is good and her left is somewhere in the 40's. It is also very important that she is as balanced as possible as we look to the future. We are still having conversations about this surgery. The tentative surgery date is set for August 15th. We are leaning towards doing it but have not made the final decision as of yet. They would be severing a tendon in hopes the body would 'repair' itself and the growth plate would continue to grow with the hip in place. She would have a hip brace for the extended future as long as it seems to be working. If it does not work then there would be no reason for the brace. We would not need a cast and for this we are thankful. Please pray with us as we continue to make decisions on Whitney's behalf.


Anonymous said...

Dear Matt and Susan, and family,

We are praying for you daily as you make so many difficult decisions. I am sure this time can be such a roller coaster of emtions...and energy! May the Lord give you a clear answer to your questions...and may He give you His peace during this time! Hang in there...we are lifting you in prayer!
The Wiese Family

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your updates. I think of you and your family often and will continue to pray for you. My family just returned from our trip to Guatemala and we have so much to be thankful for! God is good - all the time! Love, Nancy

Jennifer said...

I visit your blog often to watch for updates on your sweet daughter. May the Lord grant you wisdom, unity and peace as you seek to make these difficult decisions.


ljbrouwer said...

We are praying....

The Seifs said...

Matt & Susan,

We think of you a lot. We will pray that God will give you wisdom & guidance regarding the hip surgery.

Nicole is due for an appt at clinic and it was nice to read of your experience. I would love to know which doctors you see and who fitted Whitney for her AFOs. Was it Rex? We always appreciated the care that we got from the nurses, PTs & doctors at MFB.

Cindy and Ken Seif