May 24, 2008

Progress is seen

We began this 'new' therapy not knowing what to expect and thinking we would try it out. Well we are happy to report that we have already seen some improvment. Much of what we do is stretching and massage. We have also been showing her how to roll over and going through the crawl motion. The first sign of improvment was last week. When she lays on her tummy I bend her knee to stretch her quad muscle and her leg has been like a little wet noodle then one day she began to resist me. It seems that her brain is catching onto the motion and as soon as I feel a hint of muscle reflexion I drop her foot so she can sense cause and affect. I am not sure I explained that very well... The other exciting thing is that she rolled over yesterday. This is important in the fact that we want to keep her on track developmentally and we are so excited about any new 'trick' she has for us.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Whitney!! Way to go. Susan, is the therapy called patterning? I am so happy that you are already seeing some results. God is so good. We will praise him with you for this good news.

ljbrouwer said...

Thanks for the update! (we check daily) We are thrilled to hear the good news and are rejoicing with you!

Anonymous said...

Great news,Suze,;-)..... so happy with and for you ! Happy Birthday, little two year old ! The years fly by, enjoy every minute God gives you ! love to all, uncle Harry/aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

Dear whitneys,
I understand your position, I was blessed with a baby boy on 27th jan 2008 and diagonised with spina bifida meningocele! it was heart breaking expirience spacially in my country were medical facilities is no standardized like your country. my baby 'hassan' was taken to theater four times because the doctor could'nt tacle it appropriately! the back wound got septic and it was by grace of God Hassan made it! He has 5/5 lower limb power and rectalwall is present. Dear witney's parent Im sure God has big plan for baby witney. you inspire me to openly talk about my kids condition. He is know almost four months and getting stronger! while you are praying for whitney kindly remember Hassan. will always remember whitney in our prayer. Thanks and God Bless.
Sode Hussein. Voi Kenya East Africa.

oheidia said...

Hallo to all of you in "Witnheys famil's blog"!

I was curious and wanted to find blog's written by adults with Spina Bifida - but i didn't find many! But, i found you! :=) I just wanted to tell you that living with SB can be a challenge, but living is a challenge in fact for everyone!

I am 38 years old woman. I have Spina Bifida and i use a wheelchair. I can't walk at all. I am married with Tore and we have two children borned in 1998 (Jenny) and Leon (2000). You are welcome to visit my blog at:www. I am scrapbooking and my blog is about scrapbooking, family and other things. I don't write my blog in english, but i am going to write in both Norwegian and English in the future. You have to excuse me for both bad English grammer and other mistakes! It's so long ago since i had English at school and i don't write English so often any more. But i paln to change that!

Well, good luck in life. You have two beatuful children - be proud of them for who they are!

Heidi A.

Anonymous said...

Great news of Whitney's progress. God is Good!
Marilyn P

The Wolters' said...

This is great news!! Praise God! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Matt and Susan,

We are so happy to hear of Whitney's progress! We keep you in our prayers daily and will continue to do so.

Phil and Stacy