May 28, 2008

Neruosurgeon Appointment

We had a good report again yesterday at our appointment. Whitney's shunt seems to be operating as it should and he said that we can wait 2 months to see him again. I just love to hear that! When she turns one we will have a CT scan taken to be our base line scan for the future. I mentioned to him that she has been in a growth spurt as of late and has been a little more cranky than normal. He suggested that she may be teething as well and he is right. I was not even looking for that because Fiona's teeth came in so late. They are so different from each other. I think they have conspired together to keep us on our toes.

We see our pediatrician on Friday so I will keep you posted. She is going to receive shots again. We will see how that goes second time around.

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The Wolters' said...

Tears are in my eyes. Praise God again!! Teeth already?!! WOW! Those kids are polar opposite in their growth. Thanks for the update....I will report all these praises to our prayer team tonight.