July 26, 2010

Oh, July

July has come and almost gone. We have had a full month. The first week of the month we had Spina Bifida Camp at The Conductive Learning Center. Whitney had a great week. She loves her conductors and her friends and was very much looking forward to going each morning. We did not have any new things happen developmentally but it was a great mid-summer reminder for her.

We have also been going to Physical Therapy (PT) this summer for 2- 1 hour sessions a week. I have learned that the key to whatever therapy you choose is the therapist. Thankfully we have 2 great PT's that work with her. It has been interesting to get a fresh perspective on Whitney to hear what they think her needs are.

The second week of the month we entertained and had play group after play group. The following week we were down with a summer virus just in time to bounce back for the last week of July. Whew!

We also saw the urologist. Whitney's kidneys are looking good. They have not grown too much in the last six months but he was not concerned. I am very passionate about Whitney's bowel and bladder so I was little nervous for this appointment and what he might recommend. I spend at least an hour of each day working on this with Whitney. It is an investment. (: I know, I am crazy, but at least I have a remodeled bathroom to sit in! All this to explain why this appointment made my month. He complimented me on our progress and success! I do not remember his exact words but he said he was impressed and that we are much further along on this road than most and further than he would have anticipated. I felt like I just received a job promotion with an outstanding review and bonus. It was fantastic!

Whitney start swim lessons next month!


Kathy said...

We know that both Whitney AND Mom are to be complimented on the encouraging way the bathroom accomplishments have come around. Patience is a virtue that both of you have! We love you:)!
Grandma & Grandpa

Melissa said...

WOW! Yay for the encouraging words! As Mom said, BOTH of you deserves all of the compliments! Way to go! Swimming lessons will be so much fun I'm sure!!! Love to you all!

Aunt Melissa

Nate and Emily said...

Wow, way to go!

Cari said...

Wohooo with the potty! yup, you are promoted! nice :)!

Mary said...

I am so happy for you all. Susan, you are a fantastic mom : )

God's Blessings,

Mary Cook

Crystal said...

Susan and Matt
I just stumbled across your blog again and and so happy to see the accomplishments that Whitney, Fiona, Matt, you and the house have made. Your positive attitude reflected here will go a long way toward whatever successes God has in store for you and your precious girls.

Melanie said...

Hi there! I just wanted to email you (not post) but I didn't find an address.
My daughter, Rachel turned two in April and has SB (L5/S1 myelo, shunt, not cathed). She is a complete miracle.
I don't know how I came to your blog, but as a skimmed it, it seems like we have many similarities. Rach used an A Frame and a Kay walker. SHe wears AFO's. She *just* (last week) had her first surgery since birth: tibia osteotomy and PMR of her feet. That should straighten her out to get her walking!
Just before her surgery, she kept asking to sit on the potty! :)
Anyway, I also see your Bible verses and assume that you are believers too! I went ot school in Philly (PCB, now PBU). Our Ortho here in Erie, PA SHriners is also from the Philly Shriners.
I am on Facebook and we have a blog, though it's become more about our family than Rachel's SB. (she is doing so well!)
Maybe we can connect! Blessings to you!