March 24, 2010

A Few Things

Today we had Whitney's 2 year well child visit. Here are her current stats:

weight: 27 lbs and 4 oz (60th %)
height: 34 3/4 inches (80th %) -not a surprise
head circumference: 45 1/2cm (10th %) - she has always had a smaller head

All went well. I did inquire about her speech. We had a doctor recently comment on his concern of a speech delay. She thankfully disagrees and told me that if it makes me feel better to write down all of the words she says over a three day period. She should be up to 50-60 words. I may just very well do that so I can stop worrying about it.

We recently had an appointment to get new AFO"s for Whitney. I am very excited and hope that this will help give her a little more support for standing. The orthotist also added a new observation. She has Genu Valgum. What is that you ask. (: Well, when we put her legs together her thighs touch to the knee and then below her knee her legs fan out. We will gradually try to correct this as overtime it could damage her knees.

With new AFO's comes new shoes! This has been interesting as with orthotics you need at least one size larger and as wide as you can find. It is trial and error and pretty frustrating for me as I would like her to have cute shoes. So, I went out and bought six pairs! We will find out on Monday what the results are.

A little update on our house situation: The re-construction began this week and it has been a relief to move forward. In the end we will have almost the whole house repainted, both bathrooms will have new tile floors, hardwood will all be refinished, updated plumbing, and the girls room transformed to pink. We have many weeks to go but I am already looking forward to the end result.

Enjoy spring!


Jill said...

Shoe shopping is wonderful! So happy to read she's doing well otherwise.

Cari said...

New shoes are a girl's best friend. :) I hope a cute pair is able to be worn. I cannot wait to see your "new" house. Lord willing, maybe this summer :)

jennifer said...

I am so glad to see that Whitney has been doing SO WELL!! I have also had frustrations over finding shoes for Josiah. My mother in law found a pair of PipSqueakers shoes for him... they are too large for his current shoe size, but they have a really boxy toe, and a soft tongue that pulls out really far. Easy to get AFOs in, and an added benefit: the squeak. When he realized that he was the one squeaking, he wouldn't stop moving! There are other brands available (some have a removable squeaker :)) I have also had success with NewBalance (they carry XW.)