June 17, 2009

Hospital visit

Whitney was admitted over the weekend for a UTI (urinary tract infection). Routine is now back in place a few days later. We were out with friends on Saturday evening. I stopped in on the girls to check on them and noticed Whitney's legs were warm. She has low circulation in her legs so this was very unusual. Her temperature was 99 something so I gave her Tylenol and tried to not over react. Sunday morning it was up to 102 and we began packing for the ER and calling her doctors. Our guess was a UTI or shunt related. Providentially Matt's parents were in town. We called them and they were happy to take Fiona for a few days.

Arriving in the ER has become easier and I am so thankful for that. Previously it has been very emotional for me now I am able to be more calm which is better for Whitney as well. A few hours in the ER determined a UTI, temp up to 104, and a need to be admitted overnight. We walked on the Peds floor and the nurse recognized us right away. It was nice to be welcomed by a friendly, familiar face. Thankfully, Matt and I were able to be there together to take turns answering the same questions and being an advocate for Whitney. We were discharged Monday late afternoon and Fiona came home on Tuesday afternoon.

A few things we realized we needed to be thankful for:
Great health care
Knowing how to prepare for a night in the hospital
Knowing what steps to take before we leave for the ER
Recognizing faces on the Peds floor
Learning how to advocate for Whitney
Having a long healthy stretch
Being able to work as a team with each other

Friday we have our all day spina bifida clinic and then we do not have much until mid-July. Thank you for checking up on us. Enjoy your day!


Becky said...

So Sorry to hear that you had to take Whitney to ER once again but OH so thankful for blessings of doctors that can help her. We pray that you will have a good report on Friday and that you will not have to revisit the hospital anytime soon. If you ever need help with Fiona, let me know. With love & prayers- VJ & Becky Verduin & Family

ErinM said...

You and Matt are such wonderful parents and expert advocates for the beautiful Whitney.... UTIs are no fun-- it's a testament to your experience and attentiveness that you were able to recognize the signs right away and get Whitney the expert care that she needed. You and Matt are parent heroes of ours-- we take notes on childcare every time we read your blog, talk to you, and see your gorgeous girls!

Leigh and Andy said...

Poor Whitney! She is such a lucky girl to have you guys as parents! I'm glad to hear that she is feeling better! :) we will also be at the clinic tomorrow, maybe we'll see you there!

PJ said...

sluis, what in the world, I had no idea. I am praying for you! I love reading your updates, you are a great communicator!