April 24, 2008

Conductive Learning Center

We are pretty excited to be involved in this program. It is great to connect with another place that seems to know quite a bit about spina bifida. We have added many new stretches to our list. Whitney does not seem to mind them too much. We are doing them 2-3 times per day at home and going to the center once a week to start with. Their goal for Whitney is to stay on track developmentally. This means that instead of her sitting up whenever, which could be when she is 1, they get her to sit up around 6 months like normal. The short term goal is to increase her circulation and for her to kick her legs more. The long term goal is to potty train her and have her walking with a walker. It seems to me that her goals are realistic we just need to help her reach them. I am excited to watch Whitney continue to develop and grow. I know God has big plans for her life.


Anonymous said...

Susan and Matt,
I praise God with you that such resources exist for Whitney to be blessed by in just the first few months of her life! Thank you for the updates, God is good!

ljbrouwer said...

Matt and Susan,
We are so thankful that the Conductive Learning Center is so close to your home~ what a blessing to have specialists at your disposal. We continue to pray for you! Your testimony through this has been a blessing to us.
Much Love,
Luke and Julie

Anonymous said...

Matt and Susan,
That sounds really neat- I had no idea they could have her sitting at a normal age. That must be encouraging. We will be praying for continued growth for Whitney as you continue this journey. Always in our prayers!

RMMcDowell said...


It is so encouraging to read how God continues to answer your (and our) prayers for Whitney just as He strengthens you and Matt as her parents. I am grateful to be an observer and fellow rejoicer as God brings about His great plans for Whitney--I can't wait to hear more about the lives that are touched by your family and your young beauty.


Amanda said...

Suz, I miss you and your family lots! You are in my thoughts and prayers!